The Funk Brothers

Funk & Disco

The Funk Brothers is a group of young French based musicians, Dj and Singers who perform live recordings from Big Bada Boum! Music.

Label created by the Boatpeople  in 2018.

Funk Brothers musicians seek instrumental combinations from piano, bass, and guitar, mixed with electronic beats.

A number of tracks were created with instrumentation and electronic percussion unusual in soul music.

Vocal performances by Manon Hollander, Alex Carter and Sabrina Belmo provided lead and backing for studio sessions.

As an homage to Soul & Funk Music, the Funk Brothers find their inspiration from those who influenced their love for music.

Autres artists Big Bada Boum Music

Big Bad Boum House Sael Singer Biotop Trip Hop Hugo Simon Vidéaste Mathias Sax & Congas Dolo Jones Funky House Manon Hollander Singer The Boatpeople Dj-Producer Devanagari Ethnic Techno Brankmann Tech House Monsieur Le Détraké Techno Alex Carter Singer